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Meal Plan FAQs

  • Can I change my meal plan once the semester has begun?
    Yes. You may change your meal plan before the official first day of class each semester.
  • If I don’t use all of my meals in a given week, do they carry over to the following week?"
    Meals do not carry over from one week to the next week. Thus, it is extremely important that you select your meal plan based on your eating habits and schedule.
  • May I treat a guest by using two “meals” in a meal period?
    No. Unfortunately, your meal plan is non-transferable. You may not use more than one of your meals during a given meal period.
  • What are your meal rates if you do not have a meal plan?
    Breakfast $6.10 plus tax Lunch $9.10 plus tax Dinner $9.10 plus tax Brunch $7.50 plus tax
  • What are the benefits of purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan?
    Enjoy an all-you-care-to-eat meal or grab a quick bite without ever searching for a quarter. Add some variety...enjoy the same great food as resident students. The convenience of the pre-purchased meal plan allows you to focus on your studies and not worry about preparing a meal. Considerable savings over purchasing meals daily with cash.
  • Where can I sign-up for a Commuter Meal Plan?
    If you choose to pay for a meal plan with MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, Cash, or Money Order, plans can be purchased through the Cashier's Office. If you choose to pay with Financial Aid, meal plans can be purchased through Student Financial Services or online through Spartan Shield.
  • Where can I use my meal plan, dining dollars and spartan bucks?
    You can use your meal plan at the Scott/Dozier Dining Hall and at the West Wing. At the West Wing, there are (3) locations you may use your meal plan at and enjoy a meal equivalency combo meal. The (5) locations are The Legion Diner, Suparuta, 300, Spartan Station, and Milk & Honey. You may use your dining dollars and spartan bucks at any of the dining locations on campus.
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